Welcome to the Internet home of House of eLidi
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We offer natural and chemical free Skin Care, Aroma Therapy
and Pure Essential Oils. We also offer a collection of
Frenchmilled and Handmade Specialty Soaps.
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Welcome also to my book: don’t follow the herd


 don’t follow the herd is a true story that must be told …

     On September 11, 2002, after a long and fruitless search for help, a professor of medicine said I had six months to live. I had contracted the bird flu virus at a Queensland airport. It invaded both lungs and modern medicine could not help. He said: “Get your papers in order and organise oxygen and a wheel chair”.
     The virus gave me emphysema and bronchiectasis, blood pressure, headaches, fever and nausea. It also came with a blood disease, hepatitis, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. Having no immune system, I contracted two strains of Ross River fever and Barmah forest virus. I was smashed.
     After visiting dozens of doctors, specialists and therapists of all descriptions, and after a myriad x-rays, scans, hospital visits, drugs, supplements and magnetic therapy, matters seemed hopeless. In desperation I had tried almost everything.
     On March 4, 2003, I met a phenomenal natural therapist: Elias Schindelar. We began working together and within 12 weeks, with his help and knowledge, the bird flu virus and some of the other viruses and diseases were dead. There was no need to take drugs or supplements and there were no gadgets: just good old fashioned natural therapy, good food and logical information from Elias.
     I soon discovered people traveled the world to visit him. He connects the entire body, from the tip of the head to the soles of the feet, through the nerve system. His methods and success rates are amazing.
     Many of my symptoms disappeared during the first five months. The healing process was outstanding and I was over the moon. But the thought of the multitude of people with viruses and problems who did not have access to this honest, simple and vital information tormented me.

     With Elias’s support I began writing about why and how we get sick and why and how the body can heal itself. Six years later, this family book is called: don’t follow the herd. I have met so many of Elias’s clients who also healed themselves. One chapter is dedicated to their stories and how they healed breast, spine, lymph, liver and many other cancers; diabetes; brain tumour; and ADHD. Read about vaccinations; influenza A virus; leukaemia, regrowing a severed thyroid gland; arthritis and the IVF program; autism; obesity; stress and its effect on the body; and the list goes on. Most importantly, viruses need not be feared because they can be avoided and killed.
     The science chapter explains the effects some foods have on the body, and why they cause diseases. And if the sun doesn’t cause skin cancer, what does?
     We examine: staying healthy; genetic engineering; hereditary diseases; kidney stones; menopause; antibiotics; blood donations/transfusions; blood pressure; positive and negative energy, etc.
     And to finish off, there are more than 215 recipes.
     don’t follow the herd is for everyone. Its simple language and 432 pages are packed with information. I wrote this book because I wanted to make a difference.
     Elias’s incredible knowledge and natural therapy gave me a second chance to live my life with quality. I had an almighty fight on my hands. I chose to win.
     My book is available through mail order and on: www.naturalway.net.au    
     E-mail: stella

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Welcome to the Internet home of House of eLidi “Gift of the Sun”®.

We offer three collections: the first is chemical free and all natural skin care. 

The second collection is our essential oils and aroma therapy, and 
the third is a range of handmade French milled soaps.

Top shelf left to right: 

Skin Check – Essence – Lice Away – Tresses – Ultimate Body Moisturiser.

2nd shelf: Renew – Aroma Therapy – Rejuvenating Face Mask – Pure Essential Oil – Protect.

3rd shelf: Earth Temple – Silk Moisture Plus – Squeaky Clean – Desert Sand – Gift of the Sea.

Sea shells are on all three shelves.

    (An information leaflet on how to use our products is supplied with each item).


by House of eLidi®

     The House of eLidi skincare collection is chemical free, natural and handmade. Our skincare does not contain artificial preservatives, fillers, binders, emulsifiers or colourants. Oils and butters are derived from trees and plants, and our preservative is natural.

     Many of our products contain neem oil which is one of the world's most powerful antiseptics. It is also a moisturiser, cleanser and healer. In India, neem oil dates back centuries.
     At House of eLidi, we use a unique natural ingredient which draws 20% of its own weight of moisture from the atmosphere. Therefore, when our products are applied, the skin should not dry out. This ingredient is added to Skin Check, Rejuvenating Face Mask, Renew and all our soaps except the Sea Shells.
     House of eLidi is the healthy alternative in skincare. Natural and pure ingredients produce extremely rich products. They should be used sparingly and they should be massaged well into the skin.

SKIN CHECK – 50ml $15.50
•    An essence for the face and body.
•    It is a healer, moisturiser and cleanser for adults, teenagers
     and children.
•    Suitable under foundation and to remove makeup.
•    Suitable for most skin types.
•    Powerful healer for pets.
•    Suitable for stubborn skin conditions.

     This lotion will usually bring relief to those suffering prolonged and short-term damage from the sun because it contains neem oil. 

     Skin Check is excellent for sunburn because relief may almost be instant. Excellent also for mosquito and sand fly bites, surface BCCs, psoriasis, acne, blackheads and pimples, skin ulcers, burns, cracked skin and warts. Some people  apply Skin Check to age spots, tinea, blisters, bed sores, ingrown nails and as a poultice for drawing out splinters, for cracked heels and foot care.
Skin Check is used on acne, blackheads and pimples because it dries invisible.

Ingredients: Neem oil, a blend of natural moisturising, healing and cleansing oils and Pure Essential Oils.

•    A rich cream cleansing facial mask.
•    For adults and teenagers.
•    Suitable for most skin types.
•    Apply before a bath or shower, then simply wash off.

     Rejuvenating Face Mask is based on neem oil and the refined clay from the Great Artesian Basin in Central Australia. This clay is unpolluted by man and contains at least 40 natural minerals which are vital for healthy skin functions.

     Rejuvenating Face Mask deep cleanse the pores. Exceptionally beneficial for those who suffer problems such as pimples, acne or blackheads etc.
     Like Skin Check, it is a natural deep cleanser and one of the most important products in our natural line of skincare. It contains our special moisturiser and another blend of moisturising oils.

     Ingredients: Refined Artesian clay, neem oil, jo joba and aloe vera. A blend of healing, cleansing and moisturising oils and Pure Essential Oils.

RENEW – 17 grams $15
•    A rich facial cream.
•    For adults and teenagers.
•    Suitable for most skin types.

     Renew is a rich moisturiser based on mango butter, shae butter and neem oil. It can be used day and night and is excellent under makeup because it will not allow the makeup to clog the skin’s pores.
     It contains vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D & E, emollient, protein, fatty acids, thiamine and lecithin. It has a natural moisturiser similar to skin's own sebum and natural wax similar to collagen.
     A visible difference will quickly be evident after using Renew. It may also help the problems of premature ageing.

     Ingredients: Mango and shae butters, a blend of moisturising, cleansing and healing oils, neem oil and Pure Essential Oils.

ESSENCE – 50ml $12
•    A subtle essence for the face and neck.
•    Suitable for adults and teenagers.
•    Suitable for most skin types.
•    Excellent under foundation and to remove makeup.

     Essence can be used around the eye area because it does not contain chemicals and it is a beautiful aftershave lotion.

     Ingredients: Neem oil and a blend of natural moisturising oils, cleansing and healing oils, aloe vera, jo joba and Pure Essential Oils.

PROTECT – 18 grams $10
•    A cream underarm deodorant and lip balm.
•    For adults and teenagers.
•    Suitable for most skin types.

     Ingredients: A blend of natural healing, natural bees' wax, moisturising oils and Pure Essential Oils.

•    A moisturising lotion for the hands, body and feet.
•    For adults and teenagers.
•    Suitable for most skin types.

     Ultimate Body Moisturiser nourishes while its natural moisturisers add texture to the skin. 

     Ingredients: Jo joba, a blend of moisturising oils, and Pure Essential Oils.

TRESSES – 50ml $12
•    A conditioning lotion for normal and dry hair.
•    Excellent for treated hair.
•    Suitable for most adults and children.

     Tresses nourishes and moisturises the hair while giving it a beautiful texture. Tresses is chemical free and does not contain fillers or binders, therefore very little should be used.

     Tresses is a natural alternative to hair oil for the guys. It conditions, keeps the hair in place and has a subtle fragrance.

     Ingredients: Aloe vera, jo joba, a special blend of moisturising oils that nourish and condition the hair and a blend of Pure Essential Oils.

LICE AWAY – 50ml $12
•    Head lice treatment in a lotion.
•    Can be used to condition hair.
•    For most children and adults.
•    Can be used to treat dandruff.
•    Helps keep head lice away

     Nits, lice, whatever way you say it, it's a four-letter word. Lice Away is a product that hits lice head on.

     Lice Away is a safe and natural alternative to harsh chemicals and a "must have" in the bathroom. Mothers who have used this natural product have said it is the best and safest they have ever tried and because it works.
     Lice Away is also excellent for those suffering from dandruff. It can be applied as per the supplied information sheet that accompanies each product or by following the head lice instructions at accompanies the product.

     Ingredients: Neem oil, moisturising oils, healing and cleansing oils, jo joba and a blend of Pure Essential Oils.


      The female louse lays her eggs on the hair shaft close to the scalp. Each egg is encased in a substance that resembles glue. When the eggs are glued into position, the parasite has the maximum chance of survival.

     Lice do not have a nerve system for the first four days of their life. This is the reason why up to 30 per cent of all eggs are unaffected by some killing agents.
     Both the louse and the egg require respiration to survive. They can both close down their breathing apparatus for 30 minutes when immersed in water. The lice close down while hair is being treated but as the hair dries, the lice recommence breathing.
     After about seven days the eggs hatch and begin feeding on blood from the scalp. They feed every three to six hours. The louse moults three times, then the adult is fully formed and ready to reproduce. A female lays three to six eggs every 24 hours. They prefer the dark and lay more eggs at night.
     Lice can camouflage their bodies. Even the eggs can change colour to match the colour of the hair. People with blond or red hair may be prone to infestation more frequently than those with brown or black hair. This is because the louse can change its colour more effectively to red and blond. Lice are easily detected in brown and black hair because they are light in colour.
     Lice will not usually survive off the body after 20 hours. However, they can survive for 10 days if the climate is hot and humid. It is just as important to clean clothes, linen, brushes, combs, hats, caps and helmets. Lice can also survive in carpets and on seats that are covered with fabric.
     How to treat lice-infested bed linen, towels and chair covers etc: Place the lice-infested items in a washing machine. Soak in very hot water and add detergent. After two hours, rinse off the dead lice and launder as usual.



House of eLidi has a range of Pure Essential Oils. Some are blends. Every fragrance creates mood and atmosphere because each has a special character. 

Some suggest floral or the tang of fruit. Some are woody, sweet-scented, balmy, musky, and others possess the lingering whisper of warm spices. Kama Sutra in massage oils is a force to be reckoned with the subtleties of Opium is exquisite.
The gorgeous Amana is a special blend. Its classical breath is timeless.

Amana $15

Boronia $12

Citronella $10

Clary Sage $10

Clove $10

Coconut $10

Frangipani $10

Frankincense $10

Gardenia $10

Jasmine $10

Kama Sutra $13

Lavender $10

Menthol $10

Neroli $10
Neroli & Coconut $10

Passion $12

Patchouli $10

Opium $12

Orange Blossom $10

Peppermint $10

Romance $12

Rose Geranium $10

Strawberry $10

Tea Tree $10

Vanilla $10

White Musk $10

Wild Rose eLidi $15

Ylang Ylang $10


The ways of using pure essential oils by House of eLidi is limited only by your imagination. The following are a few suggestions:
•    Place a few drops of pure essential oils under the collar of clothes. This fragrance can be your own personal signature.
•    Place wooden skewers in a vase and add your choice of essential Oil. Place it safely out of the reach of children. The oil will saturate the wood and permeate the atmosphere. The fragrance will be a joy to come home too.
•    Colour co-ordinate small glazed pots to match the decor of your home. Half-fill them with balls of cotton wool. Drizzle a small amount of pure essential oil over the cotton balls and safely situate the pots throughout the home. Excellent for the office and in toilets.
•    Clothes will smell “delicious” if a few drops of Pure Essential Oils are added to the rinsing water in the washing machine.
•    Place a few drops of Pure Essential Oils in water over oil burners and place them safely around the home or office.



Joy: $10

Stress Relief: $10

Calm: $10

Breathe Easy: $10


Handmade and Frenchmilled by House of eLidi

     Frenchmilled soaps created by House of eLidi are individually handmade. Each piece varies in weight, because the water content evaporates during the curing process. This enhances texture and prolongs their life.
     The crafted soaps by House of eLidi are unique. The collection is based on coconut oil, healing oils, pure essential oils, honey and natural moisturisers. They nearly all contain neem oil which is a healer, cleanser, moisturiser and antiseptic. We use the age-old technique of Frenchmilling which hardens them. We DO NOT use sodium laurel sulphate as a foaming agent. We use a natural plant-based foaming agent instead.
•    After using soaps by House of eLidi, stand them in a cool dry place and allow them to dry. This adds life to the soap.
•    After cooking with chilli, we recommend washing the hands thoroughly using any of our five Frenchmilled soaps.
•    All our soaps are the ultimate in body care indulgence.

EARTH TEMPLE facial exfoliating scrub – $10

•    For adults and teenagers.
•    Suitable for most skin types.
•    Excellent for removing makeup

     Earth Temple facial scrub is a combination of Silk Moisture Plus and our Rejuvenating Face Mask. It was specifically made  for those who are in a hurry and wish to exfoliate while in the shower or bath.

Earth Temple contains the refined clay from the Great Artesian Basin. Do not place it in an air tight container or in plastic because it needs to “breathe”.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, water, lye, refined Artesian clay, neem oil, natural honey, a natural plant-based foaming agent, aloe vera, jo joba, a blend of healing, moisturising and cleansing oils, pure essential oils and colouring.


SILK MOISTURE PLUS facial cleansing bar – $10
•    For adults and teenagers.
•    Suitable for most skin types.
•    Silk Moisture Plus can also be used as a shave bar.
•    Cleanse with Silk Moisture Plus before applying and when removing makeup.

     Ingredients: Coco butter, coconut oil, water, lye, neem oil, natural plant-based foaming agent, natural honey, a blend of moisturising, healing and cleansing oils. A blend of pure essential oils and colouring.


•    Body cleansing soap for adults, teenagers and children.
•    Suitable for most skin types.
•    Excellent as a shampoo bar.
•    Good for foot care.
•    Brilliant for cleaning surfaces even dried blood stains on carpet.
•    Excellent for bathing pets.

     Even though Squeaky Clean Four-in-One Soap is powerful enough to remove dried blood stains from carpet, yet it is extremely gentle on the skin. This is the result of the cleansing, antiseptic and other powers of neem oil.

This antiseptic soap works exceptionally well for armpits, between the toes and groin areas. Squeaky Clean Four-in-One Soap is excellent for children who tend to enjoy the outdoors.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, neem oil, natural plant-based foaming agent, natural honey, water, lye and a blend of moisturising oils, pure essential oils and food colouring.

DESERT SAND body cleansing and exfoliating bar – $5

•    For adults, teenagers and children.
•    Suitable for most skin types.

     Desert Sand is based on the refined clay from the Great Artesian Basin and neem oil. This is an excellent soap to use after working in the garden. Desert Sand is excellent for those who work amongst dust, oil, grease and grime. 

The unpolluted clay from the Great Artesian Basin is highly cleansing because it contains natural minerals. The refined clay is mildly abrasive, therefore it works exceptionally well to exfoliate the skin. But the gentleness of neem oil ensures this soap is mild on the body.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, neem oil, refined Artesian clay, natural honey, natural plant-based foaming agent, water, lye and a blend of moisturising oils and pure essential oils.

GIFT OF THE SEA  gentle exfoliating body bar – $5

•    For adults, teenagers and children.
•    Suitable for most skin types.

     Gift of the Sea is an exfoliating soap made from an ancient Chinese recipe dating back 400 years.

ingredients: Coconut oil, neem oil, Norwegian seaweed, natural honey, water, lye, natural plant-based foaming agent, a blend of moisturising oils and Pure Essential Oils.


SEA SHELLS $4 (this soap is not Frenchmilled)

•    For adults, teenagers and children.
•    Suitable for most skin types.

     These unique soaps are specifically for the body. They contain coconut oil, water, lye, and Pure Essential Oils. 

Sea Shells are made in a variety of pastel colours. They are a gorgeous decorator item and excellent for gift giving. These soaps are sold gift wrapped.  



•    ADD $10 FOR POSTAGE (if postage is over $12, we will contact you).








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2.    BSB – 084687
3.    Account number – 663928942

•    M. DAVEY
•    Post Office Box 3096. Burleigh Town 4220. Queensland. Australia.



•    Users of House of eLidi products are advised to read the leaflet that accompanies every product and follow the instructions carefully.

•    House of eLidi is not liable for any injury or illness suffered through the ordinary, incorrect or inappropriate use of its products and through the use of its products in any way that contradicts any or all of the terms and conditions governing the sale of House of eLidi products.
•    As the ordinary or otherwise use of these products is outside the control of House of eLidi, no representation or warranty, expressed or implied, is made as to the effect/s of such use/s, including damage or injury, or the results obtained.
•    Nothing contained herein should be considered as a recommendation by House of eLidi as to the fitness of its products for any use.
•    House of eLidi products are not to be taken orally.
•    We advise that House of eLidi products should be stored in a safe, locked cupboard and well out of the reach of children.
•    If House of eLidi products are accidentally swallowed, seek assistance from a qualified health care professional and/or telephone Information Hotline (Australia) 131126.
•    House of eLidi should be stored in a cool environment.
•    Customers are advised to obtain advice from a qualified health care professional about any allergies they may suffer and what substances may irritate their skin. We also advise any person to seek advice from a qualified health care professional about any of our products before using them.  
•    Customers are advised to learn what their skin reacts to: natural or otherwise.
•    We advise pregnant women not to use Pure Essential Oils.
•    We advise pregnant women to speak with a qualified health care professional about any of our products before using them.
•    Parents and carers of babies and children should seek advice from a qualified health care professional about any product they intend using on them.
•    Irritation or allergic reactions may occur with some people by using any product purchased from any source. To check for reactions before using any of House of eLidi products:
1.    Apply the product to a small section of the skin.
2.    Wait for 24 hours.
3.    If irritation or any adverse reaction does occur, rinse with cold water and discontinue use.
•    All prices are in Australian currency.
•    All prices quoted do not include postage.
•    We will dispatch all orders upon receipt of full payment if the products is available.
•    If we run out of products and they have to be made up, we will contact you by e-mail or by landline telephone. Please supply us with your telephone number.
•    If we run out of soaps and they have to be made up, the waiting period is at least seven weeks because they have to cure. If this occurs we will contact you by e-mail or by landline telephone if the number is supplied.
•    An international cheque will incur a $30 AU. D surcharge.
•    House of eLidi will not be held responsible where a customer's computer terminal is used without their consent. It is the customer's responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of access to their computer terminal.
•    The liability of House of eLidi is limited to the value of the goods and does not include any consequential losses.
•    All weights and measures are correct and proper at the time of production.
•    As soap dries its water content may reduce slightly. This change hardens the soap, making it last longer and improves the quality of the product.
•    We do not take responsibility for goods after they have left our premises. However, insurance and registration can be arranged should it be required. This is payable by the customer.
•    We will ensure that all goods are dispatched in good order and in appropriate packaging.
•    All contact details provided by the customer are confidential and will not be sold or distributed to any other person, company or organization.
•    We at House of eLidi are not liable to the customer or anyone else for any loss in connection with the use of this web site or a linked web site.
•    This web site is the copyrighted property of House of eLidi “Gift of the Sun”(R).
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•    Customers agree that they are over 18 years of age, and that if they are under the age of 18 years that they are supervised by a parent or guardian whenever they use this web site. If we know customers are under 18 years, we reserve the right to refuse service and terminate an order.
•    By purchasing our products you agree that you have read and understood all the terms and conditions contained on this website.


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